Running Training

Running Training is our staple category designed to cover all forms of running from sprinting, middle distance, trail, fell and long distance including half marathon and marathon plus other road and track racing events, not to mention indoor for those rainy day treadmill sessions.

Each article shows you new ways to approach your training to keep your running regime fresh and interesting.

A couple of popular articles from our blog include:

Long Distance RunningWarming up for a Run |Treadmill Running Basics

Improve Your Running Skills

Our aim is to help people improve their running knowledge and feel like they’re benefiting from reading our blog. Ultimately what counts is that you see awesome results in your running, which will ensure that How to Run Faster and Longer .Com is held in high regard from within the running community when it comes to teaching best practice and sound advice.

Talk comes cheap, but real world results are what matter.

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