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Spending money on running gear, apparel, technology is the best fun. Runners are no different to anyone else and we all love to spend our hard-earned cash on the latest clothing, gadgets and smartphone apps.

What would Christmas be without the latest wearable or smartwatch? Yes, it’s unfortunate that we have to wait 365 days before Santa comes round again, but let’s be honest. Running, getting fit and losing weight is a good excuse to spoil ourselves with some funky new gear.

Hopefully somebody will love us enough to get us an Apple watch, but if not just make them feel guilty that at least we’re spending on our health and fitness.

We’ve got some great technology articles to enhance your running know how, until the man in the red suit drops down your chimney…

We’ve got Running Gear Advice for Days!

How about these for now:

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Let us know your favourite tech stuff if we’ve missed something out.