FASLON – Running Faster & Longer

FASLON is our little play on words, but something that we take deadly serious: running both faster and longer. It’s what we’ve called our blog after all.

Here you’ll find an array of different articles from challenges, to information pieces that all come together to help you move your body towards the finish line quicker than ever before.

You can improve your speed and endurance whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert. The principles are still the same, only the mileage is longer and the times decrease the higher you climb up the totem pole.

30 Day Running Challenge for Beginners

Our FASLON collection includes the following:

FASLON30 Running Challenge | 30 Ways How to Run Faster and Longer

There’s also articles on nutrition, because without the correct fuel in the furnace you won’t be running anywhere sharpish!

We’ve got some great articles in the pipeline so keep track of our blog and join the FASLON running community.

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